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Patanjali Ayurved said, our own swadeshi messaging platform. Download it directly from Google PlayStore.

Patanjali’s messaging app company’s indigenous prosperity has been brought after presenting SIM cards. Patanjali has partnered with BSNL. During an event, Baba Ramdev has announced Swadeshi Prosperity Sim Cards on BSNL Network. Under this, new BSNL Patanjali plan of Rs. 144 has been introduced.

Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali has launched the new indigenous messaging app Kimbho. This app has been introduced in a Whatsapp collision. Patanjali’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala tweeted: “India will now speak. After the launch of the Patanjali 5G SIM card, Baba Ramdev has now launched the Kimbho Messaging app. Now this app will beat whatsapp. ”

Features of Patanjali Kimbho App

Kimbho lets call and video calling with private and group chat. You have many features, including text share, audio, photos, videos, stickers, locations, GIFs and doodles. Kimbho’s tagline – now India will speak. Patanjali’s new app to challenge WhatsApp.

A tweet we receive from officially, we are facing extremely high traffic on Kimbho. We are in process of upgrading our servers and will be back shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How to download Patanjali Kimbho App via Google Play Store

You can download the app from Google Play Store. Patanjali spokesman SK Tijarawala tweeted: ‘India will now speak. After launching the SIM card, Baba Ramdev has introduced the new messaging app Kimbho. From now on, there will be a Whatsapp collision. Our own indigenous messaging platform (#SwadeshiMessagingPlatform) It can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. ‘

Patanjali Kimbho Look and Feel

This app is exactly like Whatsapp in watching. Even its ‘logo’ looks similar to the ‘logo’ of whatsapp. In this case, the user is looking for contacts like activity list, activity like activity. The full layout of the app will look similar to what you want. This app is designed with green background like Whatsapp.

Patanjali may be Enter in Car Business

Patanjali spokesperson Tijarawala wrote in the tweet: The unwavering trust and patronage of Patanjali and the result of the guidance and leadership of Yog Guru Ram Dev and  Acharya Balakrishna ji are the result of belief that every sector of the corporate world like electric cars, steel, mobile chip etc., for our agreements Contacting. We are committed to Swadeshi.

Patanjali Sim Card Price – Launch Date, Offers, Plans

Patanjali Sim Card, Patanjali 5G Sim Card Launch Date

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BSNL’s Patanjali Sim Card offers 2GB data with unlimited calls every day. Yog Guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has joined hands with the government telecom company BSNL. With the launch of the SIM card, the new Recharge Packs have been launched in this partnership.

Baba Ramdev and BSNL can take advantage of three recharge packs – 144 rupees, 792 rupees and Rs 1,584. All plans will give the user 2 GB of data every day. Along with unlimited voice calls will be included. But the validity of the three plans is different.

“स्वदेशी समृद्धि सिम कार्ड” holders will get 10 percent discount on Patanjali’s products. Also, other benefits, including health, accidental and life insurance, will also be given.

BSNL-Patanjali SIM Card Plan Details

BSNL-Patanjali’s Rs 144 plan will give the benefit of unlimited voice calls (excluding Mumbai and Delhi circles) across the country. The user will get 2 GB data every day and 100 SMS per day. Validity will be 30 days. Plans of Rs 792 and Rs 1,584 have come with equal benefits, with 180 days and 365 days validity respectively.

How to Buy Patanjali Sim Card

BSNL Chief General Manager Sunil Garg said that Patanjali’s plan is the best plan of BSNL. He said that unlimited calling, 2GB data and 100 SMS are being provided in the plan of only 144 rupees. He said that this SIM card is only for Patanjali employees. To get Patanjali SIM card, employees will only have to show their ID card and they can take SIM.

Benefits of Life insurance of 5 lakhs

The biggest feature of this SIM is that it is also covering health insurance. The company is providing health insurance of Rs 5 lakh and health insurance of Rs 2.5 lakh on this limit. If you go for 5 lakhs of health insurance in the market at this time then you have to pay approximately 7 thousand rupees per year. In case of some companies this amount may be more or less. In this way, Patanjali has made a big bid and can not be ruled out that in the coming time, call rates in the telecom sector will be cheaper and other companies can also bring similar offers.

10% Discounts on Patanjali Products

Patanjali has also created a great strategy by typing this SIM with BSNL. If you use Patanjali SIM then you will get a discount of 10 percent on Patanjali products. Patanjali, on the other hand, is bringing the facilities which are available in this SIM. It is decided that the big telecom companies will be able to make cement. This possibility can not be ruled out especially if Reliance Jio encounters Patanjali Sim. It is being said that if customers recharge Rs 144, then they will get 2 GB data and unlimited calls. Along with 100 SMS will also get free.

Agreement with Facebook, Google

If there is a problem in buying Patanjali’s products then sitting at home you can order online for Facebook or from Google. Baba Ramdev has tied up with two big online tech companies for this.

स्वदेशी समृद्धि सिम कार्ड

According to media sources, Baba Ramdev said during the Sim Launching Event that since BSNL has an indigenous network. The goal of Patanjali and BSNL is also to serve the country. That is why both of them have made this agreement. They said that the goal of the company is to charity. Ramdev said that our network is providing cheap data and call packages as well as providing health and life insurance facilities to the people. However, Ramdev has also said that insurance will be covered only if it is a road accident.

Jio Coin ICO – Price Prediction, Launch Date in India

Jio Coin ICO January 2019 – All about |JIO Coin Registration| |Jio Token| |Jio Coin Launch Date| |JIO Coin to INR| |Jio Share Price| |jio cryptocurrency| |JIO Coin Buy| |Price of Jio Coin| |How to invest in Jio Coin| |Future of Jio Coin| |Jio Coin App| |Jio Coin Rate| |Jio Coin Website| || |jio| |jiocoin com| and more.

Now after the breakthrough in the world of telecom, JIO is preparing to bring JIO Coin like a digital currency bitcoin, but the question is, there are as many disagreements about bitcoin, bringing its own virtual currency, people have their own credibility among the people. Will prove it? How much Bitcoin is a risky deal about investment, how is Jio Coin coming out with schemes in virtual currency market? The question is also on the credibility of the way in which, in the short run, by setting up their own market, the opponents of the opponents squeezed the teeth, in such a situation, in the Jio Coin market, would give a trick to Bitcoin?

A team of 50 people working on blockchain technology to launch the Jio Coin, the company has entrusted it to Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani, so will the sky be able to bring the Jio Coin to something like this, so that the virtual People who are afraid of currency will be able to get rid of it. Actually, fear is because many big countries around the world are in dilemma due to bitcoin, and many countries have made strict rules about bitcoin, countries such as South Korea have taken strong action against Bitcoin, still in India It is not legal, even the government has made it clear that investing in bitcoin is the customer’s own risk deal, in any situation the government is not responsible for it. Gee.

What will be special in Jio Coin?

It is not less than a challenge to launch the Jio Coin in the midst of the current dilemma of virtual currency, but after seeing such a risk, JIO is very cautious about its Jio Coin, that is why the company has created more than 50 professional teams, Will take responsibility. Keeping in view the technological aspects, Akash Ambani’s team is building block block for cryptocarcency. The company will create a supply chain through which people will be able to buy and sell Jio Coin, although there is no official announcement regarding the Jio Coin.

22 Fake Reliance Jio Coin App on Google Play Store

Recent news came some fake websites available on web about Reliance’s crypto-currency Jio Coin. But has now come to know that many fake apps of Jio Coin have also avail at Google Play Store. At least 22 fake JIO Coin apps are available for download on the Play Store for Android users.

These apps are available from names such as JIO Coin, Jio Coin Buy and JIO Coin Crypto Currency. Most of these apps have even downloaded more than 1,000 users. But 3 of these apps are those 1 to 5 thousand users while 2 apps have been downloaded from 10 to 50 thousand users.

Some of these apps have been explained on the description of the page that they are offering JIO Coin instead of some tasks. Significantly, from the beginning of this year, it is hoped that Reliance Industries, India’s largest corporate house, can launch its Cryptocurrency in 2018. At present, the company has not given any response regarding this. But has refused to have his Jio Coin App.

A mobile application on Google store was seen with the name of “Jio Coin” published by “Reliance Digital”. The tag line of the app said “Jio Coin New Digital Currency for India”.

PF Withdrawal Forms

PF Withdrawal Forms Nov 2018 – All about |PF Withdrawal Forms| |Claiming Withdrawal Benefit| |Form 10C| |Form 19| |Form 15G| |Form 15H||EPFO UNIFIED Portal||Provident Fund Forms| |Claim Form|. All about EPFO Withdrawal Forms online.

Its mandatory for every employee who’s want to withdrawal pf money from pf account to fill for 10c and form 19.

Form 10C is the primary form to be submitted for claiming the benefits under the employee pension scheme. The contributions made by your employer towards your PF account is segmented into EPF funds and EPS funds. The part of the contribution from your employer that goes into the EPS scheme can be withdrawn by using Form 10C.


Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) provides a four page for 10c to withdraw PF amount from EPF Account:

The first page asks you for details like:

1. Employee Name
2. PF account number
3. Date of birth
4. Father’s name and/or husband’s name
5. Employer address
6. Joining date with employer
7. Reason for leaving and date of leaving
8. Complete address

The second page of the form will ask for details including:

1. Mode of remittance
2. Particulars of family/nominees
3. Date and signature, and some more details pertaining to age and account details for remittances

For the third page which deals with advances, you will be asked for the following details, among others:

1. Sum received
2. Date and signature
3. Details of wages and period of non-contributory service of member


The Claim Forms No. 5IF, 10C, 10D, 19, 20 and 31 (including UAN Forms 19, 10C, 10D and 31) stands withdrawn.

Application for grant or renewal of a (licence to sell, stock exhibit or offer for sale, ordistribute) drugs specified in Schedule X
I/We………………………………..of………………………..hereby apply for alicence to sell by *wholesale/retail drugs specified in Schedule X to the Drugs andCosmetics Rules, 1945. We operate a pharmacy on the premises, situatedat…………..2.
**The sale and dispensing of drugs will be made under the personal supervision ofthe qualified person mentioned below:-(Name)……………………………….(Qualification)………………………(Name)……………………………….(Qualification)………………………3.
Name of Drugs to be sold.4.
***Particulars of storage accommodation.5.
A fee of rupees………………….has been credited to Government account under thehead of account……………….Date………………………. Signature……………….