JIO Tower Installation

JIO Tower Installation January 2020 РAll about Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Tower Installation Requirement, Application Process, Cost, Required Land, Contact Information, Contact, Application, Process, Apply Jio Tower with Zero cost, Earn up to Rs. 50,000 on your vacant land and more.

What to do to install a mobile tower, Where to contact, and what are the rules for applying mobile towers? And in the end, I will also tell you where to apply online apply to the JIO tower.

Earn Up to Rs. 50000 from JIO Tower

First of all, I want to tell you that by installing a mobile tower you can earn very good money without doing any work without doing any work, you can earn a rent from 7000 rupees to 50000 monthly. Mobile tower installation companies impose mobile towers and they go to the place and survey where it is appropriate for the tower. Companies that install mobile towers can not place foot towers at their own place, because the tower is placed on where the foot signal is low.

Reliance Jio’s name is at the top of the present time because the speed at which the speed of the present is good is compared to the other companies and now the new company has provided free calling services to its customers, Is facing the problem and Reliance Jio has signed an agreement to install 45000 new towers in the next 6 months.¬†Those people who have a roof, plot or farm can apply for it, for which Reliance Jio will give you 7-50 thousand rupees per month for which you will not have to spend anything, the company will do the entire cost.

How to Apply for JIO Tower

It is not that if you have an empty plot or farm, you can apply for the tower of Jio because it all depends on mobile companies when you apply online to install a tower, then the tower company experts will be able to fill the entire space If the tower company is suitable for you, then the tower company contracts with you to go to the website of all the tower companies on behalf.

Eligibility for setting up the Reliance 4G Tower

  • The plot size should be 2000 square feet and the form of 500 square feet.
  • The applicant must have an empty plot or roof.
  • If the width of a street is less than 5 meters, then a tower can not be placed in it.
  • If a mobile tower is proposed to be installed on someone’s roof then only one tower can be installed.
  • There should not be a house for up to 20 meters in order to set up a tower.
  • The place where the mobile tower installation should be done, the plot should be empty.
  • The building premises to be set should be at least 5 floors.
  • A towel is to be installed on the roof of the building, it has been constructed with firmness and it has been carefully taken care of.
  • The tower on which two antennae must have a distance of 35 in front of the house and 75 meters of antenna.

Monthly Rent after Installation of Reliance JIO Tower

If your site has been approved for tower installation, you will be offered a monthly rental by the company. The amount offered is not fixed and depends on various factors. Generally the amount given will be approximately Rs. It is 50 thousand per month. However, according to the place this amount changes. Good and large locations like Delhi, Mumbai can get 50 thousand or more. the same. In the rural area, it can get up to 30 thousand rupees.

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