Major changes in PF Rules 2020 | New PF Rules | PF Benefits

Major changes in PF Rules 2020 | New PF Rules | PF Benefits
These major changes in PF rules in the year 2020, know what will benefit you ?

Employees do not know about the changes in their Provident Fund (PF). Also, it is important to know how to deduct PF from your salary, but they are not updated with the new rules related to it. EPFO has made several changes in PF rules this year so that PF subscribers can take advantage of this.

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPFO) is a savings option that is usually initiated by an individual at the beginning of the first job. In EPF account, 12.5% ​​of salary is contributed through both Employee and Employer. Employees’ Provident Fund (EPFO) is a savings option that is usually initiated by an individual at the beginning of the first job. In EPF account, 12.5% ​​of salary is contributed through both Employee and Employer. There are many employees who do not know about the changes in their provident fund. Also, it is important to know how to deduct PF from your salary, but they are not updated with the new rules related to it. EPFO has made several changes in PF rules this year so that PF subscribers can take advantage of this

Can i Withdraw PF Amount Offline ?

The EPFO ​​has made some changes in its rules regarding PF Amount and after this new provision you can no longer withdraw your money offline from PF. After the rule, you will not be able to withdraw money from PF manually i.e. offline mode, but here some conditions and rules are also applicable for you. If your Aadhaar number is linked to the Universal Account Number (UAN) of EPFO, then you will not be able to claim offline for withdrawal of PF. The EPFO ​​has refused to accept the offline claim in such a case. This means that if your Aadhaar is linked to UAN, then you have to claim online to get PF.

Only online claim will be settled

The EPFO has changed another rule to withdraw money. After this rule, you will not be able to manually remove PF from offline mode. Now EPFO will accept the claim form online.

Online facility to get UAN

EPFO has now introduced online facility for formal sector employees to get Universal Account Number (UAN). With this, employees will be able to get UAN by themselves online and for this they will not have to depend on their employer. Now it can be made on its own from the EPFO website.

JIO Mart Registration 2020 | Online-to-offline | Grocery Stores | JioMart Website |

JIO Mart Registration 2020 | Online-to-offline | Grocery Stores | JioMart Website | | How to Register and Claim Rs 3000 Worth Benefits | Reliance Jio Mart Launched in India.

What is Jio Mart?

Reliance Jio Mart offers more than 50 thousand grocery products to users. Check out products, offers, discounts & more only at JIO Mart.

Reliance Industries sets up Jiomart to sell grocery online soon and compete with Amazon, Flipkart etc. Mukesh Ambani, the country’s richest person, has soft launched his new e-commerce venture ‘Jio Mart’ to challenge Amazon and Flipkart.

The company has just launched its soft in some areas of Mumbai. RIL’s retail company Reliance Retail started sending an invitation to Jio Telecom users on Monday to register in JioMart, its new online shopping venture.

Jio Mart aims to sell over 50,000 grocery products and will offer benefits that include

  • Free home delivery on no minimum order value
  • No questions asked return process
  • Express delivery promise

JIO Mart Online-to-offline e-commerce platform

Reliance has long been working to create the world’s largest online-to-offline e-commerce platform. Currently 15,000 grocery stores have been digitized in the country. Reliance will connect customers to the grocery stores near them through its high-speed 4G network, so that customers can get goods from the grocery stores sitting at home.

Jio Mart is offering more than 50 thousand grocery products, free home delivery, no Question Assured Return Policy and Express Delivery Promise to its users.

JIO Mart POS machines at grocery stores

Reliance is soon going to start installing point to sale (POS) machines or card swipe machines in these stores to connect the grocery stores with the e-commerce platform. It is going to start from Gujarat. Currently, a survey has been done to add POS to 3 million grocery stores. But by the end of the financial year, more than one crore grocery stores will have this facility. Grocery traders will be able to do both offline and online business through POS machines. The price of Reliance Jio Infocomm’s POS machine will be much lower than the POS available in the market and it will be available in sufficient numbers.

Jio Mart Delivery ?

Explaining the launch, a Reliance Retail official said that the company has just started its Jio Mart service in Mumbai, but it will soon be extended to other cities. Jio users of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan have been messaged and asked to register, so that they can take advantage of early discounts. He informed that the Jio Mart app will also be launched soon. Reliance will be able to deliver to you anywhere through its grocery store. Residents in remote or small cities will get delivery from nearby Reliance stores.

However, the company has not yet released any official statement about it. Jio Mart customers are being given the option of free home delivery of more than 50,000 grocery products and there is no minimum order value for this. Promises to return without question and express delivery have also been promised.

Especially the company wants to emphasize on the sale of everyday items like soap, shampoo and other household items. The company is providing online to offline (O20) marketplaces to local shopkeepers, a business model that China’s leading e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Limited has been adopting. In this, the consumer gets the option to search online products and buy it from a physical store.

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Loan for KTM Duke 125 – Price, Down Payment, EMI, Finance, Features

Loan for KTM Duke 125 2020 – All about KTM Duke on the basis of Price, Features, User Reviews, Down Payment, Loan Process, Finance, Colours & more. KTM has launched its most affordable bike Duke 125 in India. The company has priced it at Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Bookings for this bike were started a month ago.

Considering the choice of racing bike lovers, Automobil company KTM has launched the new bike KTM 125 Duke in the Indian market.


The KTM 125 Duke has a 124.7cc Liquid Cooled Single Cylinder DOHC Motor, which provides the torque of the bike at 9,250 rpm and the power of 14.5 horsepower and 12 nm torque at 8000 rpm. At the same 6-speed manual transmission in this bike. This bike has 43MM USD frock and an adjust bell monashock.

This bike, which looks like 200 Duke, has been given a redesigned graphics. This street-knocked bike has trilly frames, aluminum swingarm, 43 mm upside down forks in the front and 10-step agostable monocock in the rear. KTM 125 Duke’s seat height is 818 mm and weighing 148 kg. The information about the new bike mileage has not been revealed yet, because of the 124.7cc engine, better mileage will be available.


During the launch of 125 Duke, the company has said that the new bike will be available on the 450 showrooms located in KTM nationwide. Let us tell you that the cheapest of this bike in KTM is now about a month ahead of the booking.

In India, 125cc is one of the strongest and the best motorcycle in the segment of segments. Significantly, this bike’s bike is made available at best mileage and cheap price in India and updates are also done keeping in mind the customer’s interest. If you are looking for a performance bike of 125cc, then it will be a perfect choice for you.


If you are interested to buy KTM Duke 125cc and you don’t have money don’t worry, you have a lot of options such like bike loan. A various public and private sector banks offers bike loan on the basis of customer profile or eligibility criteria.


Individuals who are a minimum of 21 years of age at the time of applying for the loan, and no older than 65 at the end of the loan tenure.

Those who earn a minimum gross income of Rs. 84,000 per year for a salaried profile, and Rs. 72,000/- per year for a self-employed profile


So now i want to share how you can approach a bank for bike loan to fulfill your dream. Note that bank will charge 3% of Loan Amount to process your bike loan and Maximum – 3% of Loan Amount for documents process.

Calculate Loan EMI for KTM Duke 125

If you are going to apply bike loan at HDFC Bank for the loan amount around 1.20 lakhs and the bank offers interest rate at 11.5% for 24 months. Now you have to ask what will be your emi and what will be your principal amount, what will be your interest amount. Here we describe all the things:




LOAN EMI: 5,621


TOTAL AMOUNT: 1,34,900


Year Balance
2018 ₹ 8,985 ₹ 2,257 ₹ 1,11,015
Nov ₹ 4,471 ₹ 1,150 ₹ 1,15,529
Dec ₹ 4,514 ₹ 1,107 ₹ 1,11,015
2019 ₹ 57,660 ₹ 9,790 ₹ 53,356
Jan ₹ 4,557 ₹ 1,064 ₹ 1,06,459
Feb ₹ 4,601 ₹ 1,020 ₹ 1,01,858
Mar ₹ 4,645 ₹ 976 ₹ 97,213
Apr ₹ 4,689 ₹ 932 ₹ 92,524
May ₹ 4,734 ₹ 887 ₹ 87,790
Jun ₹ 4,780 ₹ 841 ₹ 83,010
Jul ₹ 4,825 ₹ 796 ₹ 78,185
Aug ₹ 4,872 ₹ 749 ₹ 73,313
Sep ₹ 4,918 ₹ 703 ₹ 68,395
Oct ₹ 4,965 ₹ 655 ₹ 63,430
Nov ₹ 5,013 ₹ 608 ₹ 58,417
Dec ₹ 5,061 ₹ 560 ₹ 53,356
2020 ₹ 53,356 ₹ 2,853 ₹ 0
Jan ₹ 5,110 ₹ 511 ₹ 48,246
Feb ₹ 5,158 ₹ 462 ₹ 43,088
Mar ₹ 5,208 ₹ 413 ₹ 37,880
Apr ₹ 5,258 ₹ 363 ₹ 32,622
May ₹ 5,308 ₹ 313 ₹ 27,314
Jun ₹ 5,359 ₹ 262 ₹ 21,955
Jul ₹ 5,410 ₹ 210 ₹ 16,544
Aug ₹ 5,462 ₹ 159 ₹ 11,082
Sep ₹ 5,515 ₹ 106 ₹ 5,567
Oct ₹ 5,567 ₹ 53 ₹ 0

JIO Coin to INR – Exchange 1 JIO Coin in Rupee INR

JIO Coin to INR, Exchange 1 JIO Coin in Rupee INR

JIO Coin to INR Jan 2020 [UPDATED] – All about ✓ Reliance JIO Coin to INR ✓ 1 Jio Coin Cost in Rupee INR ✓ Price in JIO Token ✓ 1000 JIO to INR ✓ 1 JIO to INR ✓ JIO Coin ICO Launch Date ✓ Jio Coin Price Prediction ✓ Buy JIO Coins Online In India With INR & USD ✓Jio Coin FAQs on price to INR and more.

Now in India every body is searching 1 Jio Coin cost in India. A few days ago, there was news about Reliance Jio that Reliance JIO is also bringing cryptocurrency like bitcoin, which will be named JIO Coin.

Jio Coin is a new cryptocurrency similar to the other cryptocurrency. To start this currency, Ambani Ji’s son Akash Ambani has taken a new initiative. Because they believe in the future, that is because cryptocurrency is probably going to play a major role in the future. It is also reasonable to believe that because we have seen how people have shown their trust above the bitcoin. Therefore, he has created a team of 50 members to implement this work, which has considerable experience in relation to Blockchain, and continuously engaged in making this currency a Successful Cryptocurrency.

What will be the Price of JIO Coin?

It has been heard that the price or price of each Jio Coin is fixed at about Rs. 64 / – which is similar to 1 USD. It is being reported by the experts that Jio’s share market value is going to increase this Jio Coin’s cryptocurrency’s launch.

How to Buy Jio Coin in India

Since Jio Coin has not been officially according to cryptocurrency, therefore, there is currently no way to buy Jio Coin. But there are many such Fake Websites on the Internet which gurantee to manage Jio Coin, but do not trust them at any time. Let just go and buy Jio’s official website “”, but for that we have to wait for it to be officially announced by Jio.

List of Top 20 Crptocurrency in World




Bitcoin Cash














Ethereum Classic



User Search Queries on JIO Coin – JANUARY 2020

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