UAN Activation Process: How To Activate UAN Online

UAN Activation Process

UAN Activation Process Jan 2019 – UAN is a 12-digit permanent account number, which ranges from your first job to all the other jobs i.e. the same as the retirement. Whatever is new PF Account Number with job change, it is linked to your permanent UAN number. This allows you to manage all your EPF accounts with the same UAN number.

By activating UAN, you can get access to the online services of the EPFO. It is only after activation that you see the UAN portal’s dashboard. By going through this same dashboard, you can handle any of your work related to the EPF.

Members will now be able to activate their UAN account from mobile phone by downloading new mobile application from EPFO’s website

Once, you have the UAN, immediately activate it online. Before going into the steps of UAN activation, I would like to talk about the benefits of UAN activation.

How To Activate the UAN

You can get UAN number from your employer. The UAN number of all the members has been given to the employers. Then, with that number and mobile number, you can activate your UAN by going online. Well, EPFO has put its responsibility on the employer, but employees can also speak for it to be activated.

If the employer does not have your documents, then provide them. It will also look like a base card, however, it is not mandatory.

In order to activate the UAN for the first time, the KYC document is sent to the EPFO for activation of UAN, in the future people can upload their documents by scanning themselves.

For more information on this, people can contact 1800118005.

STEP1: Firstly logged into the official website of EPFO i.e.

STEP2: Now find Member E-Sewa option given on web page.

STEP3: Under this section follow the given link such like Activate UAN.

STEP4: Now enter all mandatory field asking in web form such like Registered Email Id,Member ID, State, State Office, Name Date of Birth, Registered Mobile Number, Email Id, Captcha.

STEP5: Now click on to the Get Authentication Pin. Now your entered mobile number will receive an OTP, enter that OTP and click on Validate OTP and Activate UAN option.

Benefits of UAN Activation

Once the UAN number is activated, you will receive an SMS from your employer for the contribution that gets deposited every month.

You can also go online and download EPF passbook too. That is, the balance of your account will always be known.

You do not have to go to the employer to withdraw your money. Members will be able to claim directly in the EPFO ​​account for getting money.

People also need to tell their UAN number even after shifting jobs from one place to another. The new company will add that number to your account.

How to Activate UAN by SMS & Missed Call

You can see monthly deposits and other information available in the organization from the pass book. The pensioner can also get information about his pension distribution and the employer can also see the details of the amount deposited. Apart from this, members can send SMS to 7738299899 to activate their account. Once activated, the member becomes eligible for the services available in the UAN program.

Missed call service, available on 7738299899, is available free of charge on 01122901406, in addition to the short code SMS service. This service will only be available to UAN active members. This service will give speed to the UAN activation program. Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner RK Singh said that the services will benefit the members.

JIO Token Price – Jio Coin ICO Wallets, Launch Date

Jio Token, What is JIO Token

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Organization  Reliance Industries
Product JIO
Description JIO Token
Toll Free Number 1860-893-3333
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Official Website

Reliance is also bringing its own bitcoin-like cryptocurrency Jio Coin. Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son Aakas Ambani is leading the team of Jio Coin project. A team of 50 young professionals is being formed to work on this blockchain technique. There is a lot of craze in the youth about bitcoin like Cryptocurrency.

According to a survey, there are more than 6 million active traders in Cryptocurrency in India. At the same time, 25 lakh people have registered themselves in nine cryptocording exchanges across the country.

What is the Jio Coin Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, which means that the currency is not operated by any central bank.

It is made only for payment based on computer networking. It awakens its winning and the first example is Bitcoin Mudra. Just like this, JIO Coin will be built and this will also be a computerized currency virtual currency, which you will not be able to touch and see, will only be used.

Where to Buy Jio Token?

Buying JIO Token (JIO) for funds from your bank requires a 2-step process. Purchase your first JIO Token coins from an exchange. The token is ment to be used for flights, hotels and other services offered within the members Area.

Reliance has successfully won the hearts of the people in throughout services. If you wish to buy Jio coin ICO we recommended you the Reliance industry’s year’s long trust in people.

Note: Unfortunately, there has been no official recent news for this coin.