Download Jio Phone WhatsApp APK – WhatsApp Download KaiOS APK

Download Jio Phone WhatsApp APK, WhatsApp Download KaiOS APK

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Reliance Jio Details 2018

Company Name Reliance Industries
Owner Name Mukesh Ambani & Nita Ambani
Product Description Download Jio Phone WhatsApp APK
Jio Toll Free Number 1860-893-3333
Contact Email [email protected]
Official Website

Jio Phone does not have an official app for WhatsApp, but if you want to download Jio Phone Me WhatsApp, it is not possible right now. Now you must be thinking that Jio Mobile Me has been able to bring you a trick which has helped you You can play Jio Phone Me WhatsApp.

Difference between KaiOs vs Android

KaiOS is a mobile operating system based on the Html-5 Firefox OS. The most notable feature of this operating system is that it supports the Based App on 4g Network, Wifi, Gps and HTML-5, KaiOS is specially designed for Long Battery Life and Non-touch Devices, Its biggest example is Reliance’s Jio Phone

As you all know, Jio Phone is a 4G phone with a basic feature that uses the KaiOs operating system instead of the Android operating system.

When Reliance announced to give India the cheapest 4G phone, many people had started prebooking it before the arrival of the jio phone. And when jio phone comes into the market, we get to see a feature that is in a smartphone. But we were a little disappointed because we did not have an whatsapp in jio phone but if you want to use whatsapp jio phone then in today’s post we are going to give you all the information about how to use whatsapp jio phone.

How to Download Whatsapp in Jio Phone

STEP1: First, open the browser in your jio phone and type it in and search

STEP2: As soon as you search, there are many types of browsers coming in front of you.

STEP3: After that, you can search it by putting in the website URL.

STEP4: As soon as you search, a bar code appears in front of you to zoom it 3 Press the number key.

STEP5. Now you have to click on whatsapp web, after clicking on it your camera gets on.

STEP6: Now scan the bar code of the smartphone you are already using

STEP7: When you scan a barcode, your whatsapp runs in jio phone

By the way, many smartphones require separate app to record screens, but if you have an iPhone and it has iOS 11 then you do not need a screen recorder app. In this operating system the screen recorder is inbuilt only. So let us now tell you how to record the screen with audio in iOS 11.

JIO Mobile Whatsapp Recharge Pack

Firstly we describe here JIO attractive offers i.e. used by millions people in India:


84 Days Rs. 399 126 GB
28 Days Rs. 149 42 GB
70 Days Rs. 349 105 GB
91 Days Rs. 449 136 GB


28 Days Rs. 198 56 GB
70 Days Rs. 398 140 GB
84 Days Rs. 448 168 GB
91 Days Rs. 498 182 GB